Photo Gallery

Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2012
Christmas Party 2011
Christmas Party 2010
Christmas Party 2009

Gala Weekend

Gala Day 2013
Gala Day 2012

Gala Day 2011
Gala Day 2010
Gala Day 2009

St Patrick’s Day Parade

2013 St Patrick’s Day Parade
2011 St Patrick’s Day Parade

2009 St Patrick’s Day Parade

Flower and Vegetable Show

Flower and Vegetable Show 2013
Flower and Vegetable Show 2010

Flower and Vegetable Show 2009

Vintage Run

Vintage Run 2014
Vintage Run 2013
Vintage Run 2010

Fundraising Cycle

Fundraising Cycle 2013

150th Anniversary Weekend

Getting Ready
Book Launch – Friday, June 20th
Mass and Reunion Dance – Saturday, 21st
Gala Day and Booley House – Sunday, 22nd
The Cleanup
Children’s Presentation – Tuesday, June 24th
The Museum
Misc. Photos

Miscellaneous Photos

Cycle for 40 2011
Liam McCarthy Cup Visit 2010