Skeheenarinky Gala Weekend a wonderful success in beautiful sunshine.

Skeheenarinky’s Gala Weekend proved to be a smashing success, thanks to a gorgeous day and immense support from family, friends, and neighbours. In particular, the parents’ association would like to thank all of our sponsors, Seamus Fox for the use of his field for parking, the parents and friends who helped with various events on the day, Ed O’Riordan and Karol DeFalco for the memory photos, the teams who participated in some great matches, and the stewards and gatekeepers who kept the traffic and people flowing. Thanks also go to Catherine O’Donnell for hosting  a lovely coffee morning/afternoon for our community.

The gala weekend, aside from providing a fun day our for the family, highlights the tremendous support Skeheenarinky National School has from its local and surrounding communities. Thank you to all involved.

Photos ; Kay Caplice Photography, for hard photo copies please contact Kay on 087 6237457


Mystery Solved

Concerns over potentially nefarious drone activity in Skeheenarinky can be put to rest as John McGrath and his brother Kieran have come forth as the owners of the mysterious contraption/toy. John and Kieran have assured me that they were merely testing the distance capability of their new, favourite gadget on the two occasions they flew it in Skeheenarinky. Fortunatly, they were not casing their neighbours’ homes and would caution any miscreant attempting to use a drone in such a fashion, as drones are considerably louder and more conspicuous that your professional cat, or even amateur, burglar might prefer, In fact, John and Kieran have used the drone to take some stunning photographs of the Fermoy Viaduct and the Vee. Feel free to contact either brother if you would like any aerial photography done.

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