Geography and Townlands

Skeheenarinky townland, in which the school is situated, comprises 3,024 acres. It is bounded on the west partly by the Attycran River (which becomes the Funcheon River) and partly by the Kiltankin townland. On Skeheenarinky’s northeast side, the Sheep River separates it from Coolagarranroe (3,493 acres), which is bounded on the east by Burncourt School District.

The townlands of Skeheenarinky and Coolagarranroe run north-south and are a mixture of good farming land and more difficult mountain land. Centuries of toil and perseverance have seen much of the mountain land turned into productive farms, and these farms help to provide the area with its wonderful landscape. The northern section of the townlands, along the foothills of the Galty Mountains, is comprised of old red sandstone that gives way at the southern section to the carboniferous limestone floor of the valley. Kiltankin contains 1,188 acres and shares many boundaries. It is bounded on the north and west by the River Funcheon that also divides it from Co. Limerick. On the east, Kiltankin is joined to Skeheenarinky. On the south, Kiltankin borders Doolis, Cooladerry, and Co. Cork, while on its southeast corner it is joined to the townland of Drumroe.

– adapted from “Hard Days and Happy Days” with permission